the eta for rylee to be my legal name is less than four days now aaaaa
@kurisu they replied to my email and confirmed they got my application on the 12 last month and that the eta is 44 days!
@pie here you print off a piece of paper from the internet and get 2 people to fill it out and you've legally changed your name

then you just send that off to bank, government etc and they have to change their records

so, it's instant
@kurisu here it depends on state and theres a huge form you have to mail and pay like $200 and then wait 44 days

@pie @kurisu yepp. thankfully I had a SA birth cert (live in NSW now) so I was also able to change my legal gender at the same time as my name for only a small extra cost. ended up being around $200 total for both

@lily @kurisu tfw if i was born in vic i could too but i forgot i was born in nsw

@pie @kurisu yeah NSW seems to be the worst of the states when it comes to stuff like this for some stupid reason.

@pie @lily changing name is the easiest possible here but changing gender? Basically impossible. So, fuck.
@kurisu @lily victoria changged the legislation to make gender chansge easier here a month ago
but nsw?
nope gotta hve surgery first
@pie @lily fucking brain dead

At least you don't need surgery here
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