She likes to be overpowered and this is something lily can do easily ❤️

NSFW nudes, sexually explicit, please boost! 

real lewd, butts and dicks 

irl nude, buns, another shot lol 

lewd, dicks 

polyamory/family models poll, boosts appreciated 

selfie, ec, laying down... sweet dreams!! :-) 

selfie, eye contact, I got the pink streak in today 

real lewd @ trans girls, genitals 

real lewd @ trans girls, genitals 

capitalist propaganda will tell you that under communism, bottoms have to wait for hours in line for a taste of a measly top. yet is it not in the capitalist imperial core where bottoms go untopped every day? this is the injustice that we seek to stamp out

food, pizza 

selfie, no ec 

AU in which Daiki and Sid are strangers who meet once, briefly, and never cross paths again. I don't know if Sid is any better off that way, but Daiki sure as fuck would be.

CW sex, minimal nudity but some view of genitals

kink, impact 

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